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The organization’s primary focus is a series of food, and spirits-related events and activities. All activities operate within a framework of social and educational events, thereby stimulating an environment of “natural giving” by those who love and appreciate wine, food, and the arts.

Toward that end, Très Bonne Année cultivates participation by the domestic and international hospitality communities directly supporting the arts. science, culture, and hospitality education.

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Trellis, founded in 2005, was created to introduce artisan and family-owned wine, spirits, and non-alcohol drinks to eager U.S. enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to discover the unknown heritage and up-and-coming producers Trellis has been bringing exceptional producers, as a well-respected tier-one beverage partner, to multiple national restaurants, hotel and premium venues across the country for 18 years. Enlightening many to the amazing family-owned and artisan producer.

You can visit to learn more about the TRELLIS mission and to stay tuned for news on those who will be featured at Tres Bonne Annee 2023.

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Très Bonne Année is a self-sustaining, nonprofit, charitable corporation which exists solely to raise funds for nonprofit organizations and to advance the arts, culture and education in Central Pennsylvania thus enhancing the region’s quality of life and economic vitality.

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