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Whitaker Center opened its doors on September 9, 1999, welcoming visitors to a unique experience in education and entertainment. It was named in memory of the founder of AMP Incorporated (now TE Connectivity), Uncas A. Whitaker and his wife Helen F. Whitaker, in recognition of more than $8 million contributed by The Whitaker Foundation and the Helen F. Whitaker Fund. The Whitaker Foundation was established upon Uncas’s death in 1975 to support biomedical engineering research and education. His wife, Helen, created The Helen F. Whitaker Fund, which supported training for classical musicians. Both foundations provided major support to build the facility. Whitaker Center is an enduring legacy to their generous philanthropy and regional stewardship. After years of making grants to the region and the nation, both foundations closed in 2006.

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Former Mayor Stephen R. Reed, who was an integral part of the project, proudly referred to Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts as “Harrisburg’s Crown Jewel.”

Thanks to the support of many visionaries throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding region including more than 300 corporations, foundations and individuals have invested in Whitaker Center, a cultural center which directly impacts the area in which they live, work or serve.

Image by Charlein Gracia
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